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I could not wait to fire this company. The mentor assigned to my child was a disaster, with no real experience. The clinician was totally inexperienced, and in over -her-head. I felt like they were regurgitating their course texts, which was really annoying and not helpful. The worst was their patronizing attitude, making us feel like poor parents, despite our child's illness.

Communication was poor, and the mentor didn't have a clue about boundaries, taking it upon herself to attend my child's out-pt therapy sessions without permission. Trust was sorely lacking due to the fact that they were deceptive in order to make themselves look favorable to an outside agency, which created unnecessary repercussions for our family that we were left to deal with. Their excuse was a miscommunication.

I believe that the clinician had her heart in the right place, but lacked experience, and was push-around by her subordinate mentor. I had to ask this person to leave on several occasions because she upset my child leaving me to deal with the consequences. She was clueless, and just plain ignorant. In my opinion, she really should not be working in mental health.

Thank you Riverside, for creating and intensifying the very issues you were brought in to ease. We are fortunate to have the documentation supporting this conclusion, and will decide shortly what our next steps are.

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Sue the company if you actually have recourse. They actually managed to make my problems worse, and I have no recourse since I can't prove the damages or even any wrongdoing to a court of law, and I couldn't just be given back my wasted time anyhow.

They are not helpful, and reading the comments on this site and seeing how I'm not alone in seeing them not provide good mental health services, I'm convinced their organization is run haphazardly enough to be dangerous.

There are probably plenty of others in the same boat and even worse off than me after dealing with them. I wish you luck if you do anything that might get them shut down.


Yikes! Sounds horrible!

Attending the outpatient sessions without permission sounds like Hippa violation. Sounds like that place did many things wrong. I'd sue their *** off on principle and to teach them a lesson. Hittem where it hurts so hopefully they won't pull this sshiit on more people!

So sick of companies doing whatever the fkk they want and think they can get away with it! Sue them!

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